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Texas Pheasant Hunting

The Ringtail Pheasant is the most common type of pheasant found in Texas. China introduced them to the US in the late 1800’s. The males or roosters have a white ring around its neck with a red face, greenish head, maroon breast and orange flanks. It has a brown tail with a black stripe across it. They are found in open grasslands, cultivated fields and marshes.

Pheasant hunting in Texas pheasant hunts
Pheasant hunting in Texas
Texas Quail Hunting Quail hunting in Texas
Quail Hunting in Texas

Quail Hunts


Quail hunting in Texas
Texas Quail Hunts

Hunting Chukar in Texas

The Chukar, a game bird in the pheasant family is native to Asia and southeastern Europe. It is a thick-bodied bird with short rounded wings. The Chukar's face is white with a black band, red bill and red ring around eyes. It has a light brown back with a blue-gray nape, crown, and breast. It has black streaks on its pale colored flanks. The Chukar also has red legs and feet, which it prefers to run on than fly when disturbed. They can fly when necessary but, only for short distances. Their name comes from the noise they produce, a chuck-chuck-chukar-chukar.

Hunting Chukar in Texas chukar hunts in texas

Hunting Chukar in Texas

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