Texas Exotic Hunts - Axis Deer, Black Buck, Fallow Deer, Dall Ram, Mouflon Sheep, Wild Hogs, Javelina

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Texas Exotic Hunts

Unlike our seasonal hunts in Texas for whitetail deer, exotics can be taken year round.  We offer exotic hunts for Axis deer, Black Buck Antelope, Fallow deer, Dall Ram, Mouflon sheep Red Stag, Gemsbok. Geronimo Creek Ranch also offers hunts for Wild Hog and Javelina.

Texas Exotic hunts are as exciting and challenging as any of our whitetail deer hunts. Through intense management and breeding we strive to assure your trophy will be second to none and can be displayed with pride.  Our professional hunting guides will assist you in locating the exotic of your choice as well as the quality of your trophy.  Whether your first experience with hunting exotic game in Texas or a seasoned hunter, Geronimo Creek Ranch will certainly become your destination for the ultimate hunting adventure.  Call us today to book your next Texas Exotic Hunt.

Texas Exotic Axis Deer

Axis Deer hunts in Texas ...The axis deer is also known as the chital deer or spotted deer. This exotic deer was introduced to Texas from wooded regions of Sri Lanka and India. The axis deer is reddish in color with white spots and its underside white. Their antlers curve in a shape that is bent outward and forward which are shed annually. They are known to be very nervous creatures and bolt at the slightest stimulus.

Texas Exotic Axis Deer Hunts in Texas hunting axis deer
Texas Exotic Hunts

Texas Exotic Black Buck Antelope Hunts in Texas Black Buck Antelope hunting in Texas
Texas Black Buck

Exotic Black Buck Antelope

Texas Black Buck ...The Black Buck Antelope is native to Nepal and India and was introduced to Texas in 1932. The Blackbuck Antelope is known as one of the fastest animals in the world. The males are black/brown with white on their underside. They grow spiral horns that can be up to 28 inches in length. Females are slightly smaller in height. The young Blackbuck Antelope are light brown in color.


Texas Exotic Gemsbok

Gemsbok hunts in Texas... The exotic Gemsbok is native to Southern Africa, but have flourished in Texas and New Mexico for the past four decades. Gemsbok have muscular necks and shoulders and their legs have white "socks" with a black patch on the front of each. Both males and females have similar size horns that can grow in excess of 40". Their average weight is approximately 500 lbs.


Exotic Mouflon Sheep Hunts

The Texas Mouflon sheep originated in Europe and is thought to be the original ancestors to modern sheep breeds. They are dark brown in color with a dark stripe on their back.  Book your exotic Mouflon Sheep hunt at Geronimo Creek Ranch.

Hunting mouflon sheep in Texas Mouflon sheep hunts
Texas Exotic Mouflon hunts

Texas Exotic Dall Ram
Texas Exotic Dall Ram Hunts

Texas Exotic Dall Ram

The exotic Dall Ram is also known as Dall’s sheep and thin horn. This animal is native to mountainous areas of the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of Alaska and western Canada. The Dall Ram in Texas have a white to grayish coat with hollow hairs that protect them from the cold. They have a rough pad on the bottom of their two-toed hooves, which enables them to move on rugged, uneven ground. Dall sheep are about 3 feet in height and have curving horns that are light brown and narrow. The horns have growth rings, which tell the sheep’s age.

Exotic Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer hunts in Texas... The exotic fallow deer is native of Europe and was brought into Texas for sport. They have a brown coat with white mottles that are more pronounced in summer and a darker coat in winter. Bucks are about 34 inches in height and about 110 pounds. Bucks have antlers that are large and webbed. Their life span naturally is 12 years.

Image Texas Exotic Fallow Deer

Wild Hogs & Javelina

The Texas Javelina is also known as a collared peccary. This small, wild pig is the only pig native to the Americas. It is found in the Southwestern US to Argentina. The Javelina have downward curved tusks, large heads and long snouts. They are about 20 inches high at the shoulder and weigh about 50 pounds.

Texas hunts for Wild Hogs and  Javelina Hunts
Hunting Javelina in Texas


Texas Wild Hog Hunts
Hunting Wild Hogs

image Texas exotic hunts


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Image Deer hunting in Texas
Exotic Hunts

Image Fallow Deer hunting in Texas
Fallow Deer

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Texas Exotic Axis Deer Hunts
Texas Exotic Axis Deer Hunts



image Texas Exotic Hunts


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Image Texas Dall Ram

Exotic Axis Deer
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